Who provides the service?

All programs are run by our university qualified exercise physiologists with knowledge of cardiac related diseases and appropriate exercise prescription. There is also back up and support from our on-site cardiologists.


Exercise has been proven to reduce incidence and symptoms of heart disease, increase quality of life, improve confidence and reduce the number of hospital re-admissions. 

All exercise programs are individualised to suit patient’s conditions, preferences and abilities.
Your individualised exercise program is designed to improve strength, endurance and energy and include a gentle warm up and cool down. 
All programs are designed and supervised by our ESSA accredited exercise physiologists. 


Education sessions are provided by a variety of health professionals. Partners, family, friends and carers 
are encouraged to attend the education sessions. 

  • Education topics include:
  • Know your heart
  • Managing heart health
  • Nutrition for a healthy heart
  • Planning for the future
  • Active for life
  • CPR & emergency planning
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Understanding your heart medications

Cardiac Rehabilitation

A program designed to improve the health and lifestyles of individuals who have experienced cardiac events.

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Healthy Heart

Exercise and education program designed for individuals who are concerned about their heart health.

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For individuals who have completed the Cardiac Rehabilitation or Healthy Heart programs.

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What you can expect


For all programs, an individual assessment is completed by an exercise physiologist to guage exercise capacity. Assessments are conducted prior to, and on completion of a program.

Healthy Heart

Suitable for patients with cardiac risk factors and want to improve health 

6 weeks, 1 session per week
Individually tailored exercise program
Education and discussion sessions

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Suitable for patients who have had a cardiac event or surgery

6 weeks, 2 sessions per week
Individually tailored exercise programs
Education and discussion sessions


The focus of the Healthy Heart and Cardiac Rehabilitation programs is to support participants and help them develop confidence so they may continue their exercise programs at home.  Additionally, participants are actively referred and encouraged to join local community groups for continuing health orientated activity.

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