Tasmania is a beautiful island state located off the south coast of Victoria.  It is known for its pristine environment which includes protected forests, rugged mountains and beautiful white beaches, all on the doorstep.  It offers enormous choice for those seeking an active outdoor lifestyle or for those who have an appreciation of natural beauty.


With a population of approximately 100,000, Launceston is one of Australia’s oldest cities which was established around the Tamar River. 

Launceston has a temperate climate, generally warmer than the major cities of Europe and North America.

The city features beautiful examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture and has at its centre, the natural beauty of the Cataract Gorge, located just a few minutes’ walk from the CBD.

Unspoilt beauty, internationally renowned produce

For the food and wine connoisseurs, Tasmania has been recognised for its superb quality.   Our produce is raised in rich pastures and in the cleanest most pristine environment. Our wines, cheese, salmon, beef, seafood, vegetables and  produce are much sought after throughout the world.